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Achieving Greatness

If you don’t want to read the post, click the link below to hear the audio version:) Achieving Greatness You know the question.  The one that starts most conversation, and is the known lead in of

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If You Really Knew Me

A Flight Attendant’s personal confessions on confronting self-worth, struggling with self-acceptance, and learning to love.

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The Runaway

Have you ever been at funeral and the mood is serious and heart wrenching, and just at the most reverent moment, you were irreverently struck with the giggles or a coughing attack, turning you into the

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The Flight Attendant Life Meets ‘The Bachelor’ (Almost)

I applied for The Bachelor. Crazy. Someone important called me.  Really crazy. I had an interview scheduled.  Isn’t that fun? Then I got sick. A sniffly, snotty, unattractive cold.  Good timing,

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The Flight Attendant Life

I recently had a chance to watch the new show on ABC, Pan-Am, the drama series that begins in 1963, and follows the lives of pilots and stewardesses that fly for the iconic Pan American Airlines.  The

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