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I Almost Peed My Pants

Doubled over, tears forming in my eyes, I had lost all control.  It was seconds until I knew I would pee my pants…well, skirt to be exact.  I don’t know what going to work is like for you,

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How I Travel

I don’t have a secret formula to seamlessly smooth travel.  My trips aren’t seamlessly smooth, so I don’t use formulas.  They’re fun, and you don’t need predictability for

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An Airline Crashpad, Explained

Crashpads are shared housing for airline crew (usually operated by private companies or private individuals, separate from the airline). 

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A Flight Attendant’s Salary

Some people have been wondering if I ever work, and the answer to that is, yes, sometimes.  When it is absolutely necessary:) I kid. My sources tell me that no one thinks I actually work!  I thought

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A Flight Attendant’s Workday: The Predictably Unpredictable Life Of A Cabin Crew Member

Whenever I think I’ve seen it all, I’m surprised by the “OMG! That’s never happened before” moments.  I shouldn’t be so surprised,

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