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23 Ways To Make A Flight Attendant Hate Despise You

Because hate is such a strong word… We, your lovely flight attendants, won’t exactly hate you if you do the following, but we will find you a bit more

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Can Today Be ‘Hat Day?’

I decided to put it on my list of ‘Things To Do.’  That was a very smart decision.  Otherwise, I know I would get mad at myself for being lazy, as

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Things That No Longer Matter When You Are A Flight Attendant

Life is often defined by set schedules, ideas, and ideals.  Then you become a flight attendant.  Your world is flipped upside-down, and you are thrown around.

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Dreamliner Stories & A Dreamliner Life: Thoughts of A Newly International Flight Attendant

I arrived back in Ft Lauderdale Monday this week…or was it Sunday?  What day was the 12th?  It doesn’t matter.  I lived long days, and short days.  International flying plays havoc on sleep,

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