Calming The Chaos Of Fly Life With 5 Simple Steps To Increase Productivity

This fly life can be more than chaotic.  The jet lag settles.  The disorganization caused due to suitcase life and many destinations creates confusion.  You just can’t seem to get it together.  Then, your home again, living another life.  You may have kids, another job, friends to take care of and catch up with.  You just can’t seem to catch up.   Does this sound like your fly life?  Well, this life will always be a bit nuts.  That won’t change, and there is a beauty in that excitement, but if you are not careful, it will catch up with you.  I have learned a few things in my few years of flying, and one of them is to take a proactive approach to counteract the downsides of the flight attendant life.  Here are five simple tips to increase your productivity in your fly life and find a bit of calm and peace within the whirlwind.  These steps are critical to maintaining your health and your sanity.  I know this from experience, and often struggle with following these tips myself.  Learn from my mistakes.  Remember, you need to take care of you first.  Otherwise, you- on an airplane, around people, going places is just an awful combination.

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5 Simple Steps to Increase Productivity

  1. Day Away:  Don’t underestimate the power of a day away.  Taking an entire day to unwind and relax is similar to the way that Scandinavians and many European countries are given five weeks of paid vacation time a year.  Science backs up why this is so important.  An article written by The Atlantic states that, “the bottom line is that breaks are better for our brains than overtime.”  Take a break, You!  You may think that a day away from ALL of it:  the list, the cleaning, packing, writing, working, and other ‘must dos’ will put you behind, but actually, when you do get back to work, you will find yourself more focused, happy, and able to complete your tasks more quickly and more efficiently.
  2. Sleep- The quantity and quality of sleep influences memory, decision making, attitudes, innovation and creativity throughout the whole day.” says science and The Center For Creative Leadership.  You know, as airline crew, and simply individuals living in this world these days, that sleep is a hard commodity to come by most of the time.  I am more familiar what it feels like to live constantly sleep deprived than live in rested bliss, but to calm the chaos and be productive while living The Flight Attendant Life, choosing sleep over whatever else needs to be done is often the best choice.  After you are better rested, you will find yourself more able to handle the day.
  3. Check-Out- How often do you start projects, laundry, or whatever things you need to do, and then you become distracted by a text message, this need to check Instagram, or an email ping sounds on your phone?  Oh, don’t tell me this is just my problem.  Did you know that any when focused on a project, and then being distracted, even if just for 3 minutes, it takes your brain 11 minutes (or more) to get back on task?  This is one of my BIGGEST challenges- distraction (Hello ADHD).  If I am being truly intentional, I MUST check-out, leaving my phone in another room, making a choice to stay to one task.  Darren Hardy, a success coach and mentor for CEOs and big businesses, suggests “90 minute jam sessions” as this is the optimal amount of time to focus achieve a better level of productivity.
  4. Exercise- The habit of regular exercise will keep you mentally sharper throughout your entire life, and even on a shorter timeframe, exercise will give you more energy during your day.  Make time for your health as it won’t only make you look good and feel good, but it also will help you fit more into your day.  The Flight Attendant Life’s Fitness Editor knows her fair share about how exercise has made her productive even with an insane flying schedule.  Ask her how many hours she flies, what sitting on reserve for a major airline, AND training for and running marathons is like.  I don’t think you have many excuses.  Check out her Facebook Page- FitFlyGal for all her tips on how she incorporates exercise into her lifestyle and how it makes her more productive.
  5. Pre-Plan- One of the most important ways to be more productive during your day is make a plan the day before.  On the days that I don’t scribble my list the night before I wake-up to a new day, I find myself feeling a little lost, not knowing where to start or what to do.  It’s more of a reactive day, as opposed to an intentionally lived life.  Life is short, so living with intentionality and planning, even while living a lifestyle where planning often feels impossible, will make you more successful than 90 percent of the other flight attendant’s and cabin crew out there, as well as the general population.

I know you have it in you to do great things in your life and in 2015.  The world needs you and me to make the most out of where we are and who we are.  Most of these points I have shared with you, I also struggle to do in my everyday life, but this is how we grow, by doing that which  challenges.

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I had a lot of fun writing this post, and I am glad that, a company that provides resources and loans to small business, helping entrepreneurs reach their goals, inspired this topic on productivity (no I was not paid for this one).  I have been learning recently to better follow my instincts when it comes to business and entrepreneurial decisions that I make, and this article was written simply because I felt that it would help you and help me.  I hope that I was right.

Happy Flying Kiddos:)

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