Hello Jet Lag: Traveling International & Dealing with Jet-Lag

Today, I feel fuzzy.  Droopy eyelids.  Low energy.  I want to do nothing.  Formulating coherent thoughts is extra challenging right now.

Hello Jet Lag!

A handful of naps, movies, and snacks later, I arrived back home in Los Angeles last night, after thirteen hours on a plane, the initial flight originating in Stockholm, Sweden.  Having spent a total of ten days traveling throughout Scandinavia, the jet lagged, tired feeling wasn’t suffocating when I had arrived in Copenhagen, but upon re-entry onto American soil, I felt flying’s effects and the changed time-zones in more of a pronounced way.

You probably assume that I am used to jet lag, as I’m a flight attendant, but I’m also human, and we humans have some basic needs, like food, water, shelter, and sleep, to name a few.  When you travel, it can be a challenge to meet those needs appropriately.  The airline food sucks! I can’t drink enough water!  I’m in a middle seat, crammed completely upright, sitting next to a man who smells! Sound familiar?

So, in what ways can you minimize the effects of jet lag? Here are the ways I fight that jet lag feeling from long travel days.

  1. Drink water:  The plane is more dry than the Sahara desert so your body is easily dehydrated.  Drink lots of water and avoid consuming alcoholic beverages.
  2. Eat healthy foods:  If the snack and meal service is not served on the your eating schedule, go ahead and pass on the food.  Pack your own healthy granola bars, trail mix, dried fruit, etc.  Also, be careful and avoid foods that cause gastrointestinal distress and be careful not to overeat.
  3. Move Around:  If the flight is over two hours, get up to stretch or walk for a minute or two.
  4. Nap on the flight:  I slept so good on my nine-hour flight to Copenhagen.  I take my own personal blanket and pillow, eye mask, and earplugs.  Be prepared and rest up.  It helps.
  5. Change your watch:  Immediately change your watch to the local time.  Fall into a local time schedule and routine with eating and sleeping. Do not go to sleep at 1p.  Wait to fall asleep at a regular time.  Your body will quickly readjust.
  6. Exercise, Moisturize, Sanitize:  Exercising in your regular, daily life schedule, will help you when you are on the road traveling.  Take moisturizing facial spritzer with you to refresh your skin during flight, and always carry waterless hand sanitizer with you to fight germs.

That’s about all of the coherent-ness I can collect right now.  Only a few more hours till I can go to sleep….


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