Cabin Crew Christmas Traditions: Talia’s Story

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Crazy sweaters, holiday treats and good friends – Welcome to the Holidays, flight attendant style!


What does Christmas as a Flight Attendant look like for me?

Honestly, not much has changed. I grew up in a single parent house hold for the majority of my childhood, so Christmas was always a little different for me. My mom did her best to try to make Christmas traditions for us, but as my sister and I got older, Christmas changed. I feel like that happens in a lot of families when you don’t have any little kids running around, excited to open presents at 5am and see if Santa ate their cookies they left.

I remember a lot of Christmases where my mom had to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day because she was a nurse and that’s another job that just doesn’t stop for the holidays. Now I am following in her footsteps because I too chose a career that doesn’t stop for the holidays.


Matching sibling holiday outfits? Done and done.


This year, I have six reserve days from December 22-27, which pretty much means I either could get “lucky” and get paid to sit at home for the holidays, or I could get sent on a fun trip and get holiday pay! Although passengers are a little crazy over the holidays and the airports are jam packed, thankfully the airlines try to give a little incentive by paying extra for working on the most desired days to have off.

So this year, I am having “Christmas” by tacky sweater parties with friends, simple gift swaps, and doing Christmas photo shoots! My family and I are celebrating Christmas early in Denver, and my dog is flying with me! We are going to Breckenridge to explore and hopefully find the best hot cocoa, maybe go see the new movie “Sisters”, then go home and cuddle in our matching pajamas (that’s one of our traditions we started!).

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Make the most of this crazy lifestyle – find joy wherever you land!


I’m thankful for what Christmas looks like for me this year, mainly because I have my family and my dream job.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas this year from wherever you are in the world! Don’t get so caught up in what Christmas is supposed to look like by everyone else’s standards and be grateful for what you have. If you find yourself sitting around bored on Christmas Day, send me a shout-out on Instagram @galpaltal or follow my tumblr! I will probably be sitting around doing the same thing unless the scheduling gods are good to me!

Merry Christmas from Talia and the rest of!

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<3 from Meghan, Kara and Celessa <3

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JC says December 22, 2015

Airlines pay extra at Christmas time?
Not mine! LOL.
Actually, none that I’ve worked for. Is this an American phenom?
A friend of mine used to work at a British carrierthat had their layover dinner catered in and paid for. Meanwhile, we were eating mystery meat at the staff cafeteria at the airport. Ah, the good ol days.

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