Best Outfit To Wear On An Airplane

There is a lot that you cannot control when you travel on an  airplane; weather delays, the food served, or the temperature of the cabin.  This is why it is so important for your travel happiness that you be prepared.  Since I spend my work life, and a lot of my free time life on airplanes, I’ve learned some tips and tricks to dressing and packing for air travel (obviously, when I’m working, the uniform takes care of outfit options for me).  This will be the first post in series of what to wear and what to pack when you travel on an airplane.  Hope you enjoy:)


When I travel, I only take a small carry-on size suitcase, so I have to be smart about what clothes I choose.  Problem is, I’m a girl, and I like shoes.  And outfits.  And accessories.  And…did I mention shoes?  Just kidding.  It’s completely possible to be cute, and yet practical.  I personally believe it is very important to be comfortable when on a plane for 10 hours.

Recently, I went to The UK….

Royal Guard

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And, for the the long flight there…

Heathrow Airport

I had to wear clothes…

Yep.  True Story.

I wore an outfit that is similar to what you see here.

Airplane Travel Outfit

I wanted to look cute, while also maintaining a wonderful level of comfortability.   When you dress for an airplane, it is never ok to wear pajamas.  Ever.  I don’t care how comfortable you think you need to be.  Keep it classy, Pass-y! (That’s short for Passenger.  And yes, I did just make that up.  I can do stuff like that.  Benefits of being the blogger).

I also enjoy color, but because I can’t pack my entire closet for trips, I tend to use colors that can be thrown together with other items that I have packed away in my suitcase.   I’ll walk you through this airplane outfit, explain why it’s the best outfit for air travel, and where you can purchase the items, or similar pieces.

The Pants:  

I rarely travel on a plane wearing shorts, because I know I will be cold.  Jeans often make me feel like a fatty as my body expands like a little balloon from the time spent at a higher altitude.  Solution to this are Zella’s ‘Live In’ Leggings.  These moisture wicking pants are so comfortable and versatile, able to be dressed up or down.  You can pair them with boots, sandals, or throw your running shoes on for a jog.  Buy the pants at Nordstrom.

The Tank Top:

Because I have to travel light, layering is a must.  I always wear a tank top or camisole beneath t-shirts.  With this outfit, picking a bright color adds interest to the ensemble.  The camisole seen in the photo above can also be found at Nordstrom.

The Blouse:

The blouse seen above, is a sheer cream color, made of chiffon fabric.  The long sleeves are nice for airplane warmth, but the fabric is still light and breathable.  Another plus is that this material doesn’t wrinkle almost at all when packed away in a suitcase.  The shirt that I have, I purchased at urban outfitters, and is the brand Silence + Noise.  The one shown above is from H&M

The Jacket:

Picking a neutral color for the jacket is important, because it will have to go with all of your outfits, as it will most likely be your only jacket choice if you travel like I do.  I chose the Mocha color because it goes well with the pants, and offsets the other accessories.  I purchased my jacket, which looks almost identical to the one in the picture for cheap at Ross.

The Scarf:

Even when I’m going to an island destination, I usually wear, or pack a scarf.  I like to wear a scarf on airplanes, because once again, if I am cold, which I often am on planes, I can wrap it around me.  Or, it doubles nicely as an eye mask.  See men, not all accessories are frivolous!  Pick a scarf that has a few different colors in it, so once again, you can pair it with other outfits, that you wear, during your adventure.

The Shoes:

I often wear sandals when I’m going on an airplane trip, but pack socks.  Footwear that is easy to slip on and off make security that much more simple.  I have a pair of sandals like the ones in the photo.  They are great because, although flats, they still look classy, and yet, unlike heels, comfortable for walking, and running, for those that are about to miss a flight.

The Jewelry:

Yes, I like jewelry, and why fly on an airplane without wearing an airplane necklace?  The earrings are simple, but dress up the outfit a bit, and once again, can be worn with anything (see a trend here?).

The Watch:

Once you are lounging on a beach, in an island paradise, toss your watch in your suitcase, but for the airplane flight, it’s nice to have.  The flight attendants will appreciate that you aren’t harassing them continually with questions of, “How much longer till we land,” and “What time is it?”  I usually just wear a simple gold watch, but I really liked the aqua, wrap around, bracelet watch seen in the photo.

The Bag:

You’ll need a bag that can fit your must have airplane fun kit; like a computer, wallet, passport…etc.  In the next post of this series, we will dump out the contents of an airplane carry-on, but for now, just find a travel bag you like.  The one in the photo is North Face.

 And with that, you are all dressed up to go somewhere….

So, where will it be:) 

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rose says October 10, 2013

What? When did security start allowing passengers to bring food and water past checkout?

    Sergiu Andreca says October 14, 2013

    I don’t know when you couldn’t bring food through security, of course, depending on where you are flying, there are agriculture restrictions, for example, Hawaii, doesn’t allow fruits or vegetables that contain seeds through security. As far as liquids, those are a no, unless it’s under 4oz I believe. I said bring a water bottle, because you take it through security empty, and fill it up on the other side.

Philip says April 18, 2014

Kara, This is a pretty cool site. Very entrepreneurial of you. Is there much traffic? By the way how does one date a flight attendant if she’s always on the move?

monali says February 5, 2015

Hey kara hi,ive got a hsirline fracture on my smell toe and I’m travelling to l.a. from india what kinda clothing and footwear should i be wearing?????since I’m always cold!!!!

Afzal Zaheer says October 5, 2016

Hi Kara,

Wonderful post on best outfits as travelling is the best way to remove those boring days and if you have been long time longing to enhance your time, then don’t limit yourself as the whole world is waiting to welcome you in their respective countries and you also experience true beauty about yourself when you get accolades and appreciation

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