The Flight Attendant Life According To Instagram

I’m trying to keep up with my life. Trying and mostly failing. Instagram is doing a pretty good job of staying with the latest.

Fancy Flight Attendant

Becky Oien

Becky and I made a valiant attempt at going to Australia.  We didn’t make it.

The Flight Attendant Life Dating

I also have made valiant attempts at dating, but my awkwardness calls the shots.

Waikiki Sunset

Welcome back to Hawaii Life

Mom and Daughter Flight Attendant

Spending time with my beautiful Mama

Waikiki at Night

Waikiki at night from the secret spot.

Gel Nail Art

Paper Airplane Nails by Tien

Qi'a Gluten Free Cereal

Part of my going Gluten-Free eating project.


Just looking for direction

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Brianna says June 15, 2013

Hey sweet girl! Thanks for the shout out 🙂 Where did you get Qia?! I would love to try it!!

    Sergiu Andreca says June 15, 2013

    I got Qia at Costco in Honolulu. It is so good:)

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