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Since I am a flight attendant, and also obsessed with clothes, I decided to dedicate this post on being stylish, yet comfortable while traveling.  While I am working, I obviously don’t have a choice on what I wear, but if I did, I would not be wearing a high waist polyester skirt and heels.  It is simply not practical, or comfortable for a long-haul flight, or a race to the next gate.  For those ladies who can run miles in their heels more power to you!  I never got that talent of being able to walk gracefully in heels.

Personally, I know that I like to dress for the mood that I am in.  Sometimes, I want a classy sophisticated look, or an edgy outfit.  Sometimes, I want to exude a laid back bohemian attitude.

Each outfit choice I have selected fulfills a purpose.  The outfits are stylish and comfortable. You don’t want to look like a slob when flying, but you also don’t want to over-do it ala Kim Kardashian.  My top three travel looks I threw together using Polyvore.

Travel look for a warm weather vacation
Comfy and sophisticated travel look
Classic edgy airport look

Pants are my top choice for bottoms on an airplane.

  • Stretchy jeans
  • linen pants
  • leggings/jeggings
  • palazzo pants
  • yoga pants

Wear something with at least a little stretch to it, especially if it is high rise, or high waist cut. From a girl who wears a form fitting high waist skirt on the plane there is no worse feeling of the combination of being full, and the added bloat from the altitude to feel like you are going to spontaneously combust.  To ward off in air bloat, steer clear of salty foods, and carbonated beverages.  Trust me, at 32,000 feet Diet Coke is not your friend.

For shirts, I tend to wear a short sleeve breathable top, and always bring a sweater or jacket for backup.  Running through the airport can get very hot, as well as boarding the plane, so I hate to get stuck wearing a pullover sweater.  Always remember to layer while traveling.

Like I said earlier ladies, if you can maneuver a chaotic airport in stilettos, more power to you. However, I am not one of these ladies. Flats are my best friend.  Seriously.  I kind of want to do a collage of all my flats in the shape of a heart just to get my point across.

Shout out to flats.

Much love-


Ok, anyway…back to the subject.  With gate changes, long security lines, and delayed flights, flats are the way to go.  I would choose a shoe you have worn before, so you know that your feet won’t hurt when walking long distances.  Choose something that is easy-on, and easy-off to cut down time spent in the security line.

These Michael Kors Fulton flats are my absolute favorite.  I have them in black, and often wear them for work when my feet start to reject my heels.  They have a slightly raised heel and padding to reduce the strain on the arch of the foot.  They are very comfortable and look great.  I got mine at Macys during a sale for under $100.  Lastly, make sure to bring a purse that fits all of your travel essentials and things you will need to access quickly; such as your passport, or wallet.

I will do a tote bag essential items for traveling in my next post.

Thank you for reading, and let me know in the comments section what your favorite travel outfit ideas are.



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celessa says September 3, 2014

Love it! I’m all about the flat shoes. Cute slip-on loafers are my jam right now. I have like five pairs 🙂

Laura says September 6, 2014

I really like that first outfit, so cool and comfy looking!
I’m on a mission to find the perfect plane bottoms, the issue I have is stretched and baggy knees when I get off the plane after sitting for so long! Not a good look!

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