Because #LOVEWINS: Building And Cultivating Relationships In A Christian, Secular, Gay, Straight And Flight Attendant World

I have been removed from the history that was made this past Friday. Not removed because it does not matter to me, but removed because as a Christian, I should frown upon or be saddened by “where our world is going.” But, if you ask me to be sad about where our world is going, I’ll most likely mention how the financial crisis in Greece causes concern or touch upon the issues of ISIS terrorizing whole communities and groups of people. I would wonder about the children who are dying of starvation and those individuals who struggle with mental illness, live in poverty, and exist completely alone. That is what makes me sad. Not the vote on gay marriage.

This law that was passed in the U.S. shows a shift in thinking.  A push in the breaking of traditional viewpoints and dogmas, a generation fighting for more. A generation fighting and winning. Yes, love wins. But love has always won. Because, no matter how long it takes, truth triumphs, love conquers, and joy will be in the morning (Proverbs 12: 19, 1 Corinthians 13:13, Psalm 30:5).

I want to be clear that I am not sad because there is now a federal law that allows same-sex couples the equal privileges that married couples are allowed. I think marriage looks like a challenging adventure whatever way you choose to be– gay or straight.  I am neither proud of my country or disappointed by the ruling.  I am happy because of what this means for my friends. I love my friends and have learned so much through getting to know individuals from all walks of life. I can’t even imagine who I would be without them or the lack of depth my world would have without their presence. My mind has been opened and my viewpoints expanded. My story is not someone else’s story, so for me to judge another’s choices of how he or she wants to live life? Well, shouldn’t I be busy enough getting my own shit together without worrying about or judging yours (my version of Matthew 7:3-5)?

How I was taught in Bible class forgot to mention the layers to this topic and many other discussions that Christians so staunchly and vocally stand by and address.  Topics that include debates on sex before marriage, drinking, the commitments of marriage, and other hotly discussed subjects within religious circles. Unfortunately religion has failed to stay relevant within the changing culture, missing the opportunity to blend theology with reality and tradition with the present. Although, religion in many communities has failed to meet the needs of humanity, God has not. He is timeless and He has always existed amidst the philosophy that LOVE WINS.

We live in a generation where we allow labels to define us. It’s easier for us that way. Labels help in some situations, but let us not let labels define. We are all human!

We are all human. 

So, let’s change the world. Let’s show the world that love wins while we live whatever label we have found to fit us best; Christian, Atheist, Gay, Straight, Flight Attendant, beach bum…whatever!

Let’s permeate the entire world with a love so strong that no one can deny there is something different in the way we live and the way that we choose to be. You don’t have to be gay to do that. You don’t have to be Christian to do that. You don’t have to be a flight attendant, married, or have it all together. All you have to do is be intentional. Say to yourself, “I am going to be better today than I was yesterday. I will love more, show love more, and show up more in this world because I WAS CREATED FOR MORE.” I wish for you and all those creating commitments in marriage a rock-solid and happy union. I wish for you all the most fulfilled lives. I wish for you peace and hope and love. I wish for you the world.

The universe is for you. The universe is for you.

Because #Love Wins 

To love, we don't need to be the same

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Jen says June 18, 2016

I love your content and how genuine you are! You must be such a joy to be around. God bless you!

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