Because It’s Your Dream…

You’ve always wanted to be a flight attendant. You remember your first flight and being mesmerized by the dazzling smile of a bubbly cabin attendant. It was the moment that changed everything. 

There’s something about it— the flight attendant life— that

entices you.

calls to you.

intrigues you.

fascinates you.

You know you must follow your fascinations…

You can’t explain why.

In the face of rejection.


‘not yets.’


All because of this dream;

this hope to fly.

I was fairly certain that the six or seven year old didn’t speak enough english for her to understand me and my grasp of the Swedish language would not take a conversation much past, “Excuse me?” “Thank you,” “Good bye,” and the question of, “Coffee, Tea, or Water?” But, I could see it on her precious round face as it stared sweetly, but intently at my jet lagged one. The look was one of awe, wonder— like I was a fairytale princess or an angel. There’s something about that uniform that captivates no matter what the age or gender. Maybe somehow, being a flight attendant will always be a job that borders on fantasy; no matter how unglamorous the industry continues to become. 

Private Flight Attendant Nicole Santiago

And, I love that. Even I—while already being a flight attendant—was in awe of the international cabin crew. Lufthansa, Air France, British Airways. What were their lives like? I would wonder. Was it so different than the domestic flying of mine? I want to be that beautiful, that glamorous, that well-traveled. I want that experience.

And that is why I went international.

Boeing 787 Norwegian Airlines

It wasn’t ever a dream, I suppose. But, it was a curiosity. Let your curiosities dream and become your reality. It may change your life into a fantasy— a fairytale. The most crazy, wonderful, chaotic, and incredible time of your life. I don’t regret my choice. It could have been easier a different way, but this— this is epic. I think I will always take epic over easy. 


You touch my heart with your emails and comments on my Facebook and Instagram telling me that this blog or something I wrote inspired you to become a flight attendant. I went to an Alaska Airlines interview a year ago and I met a girl who read the blog. She had that excitement that only you have when you haven’t been a flight attendant yet. She got the job. I didn’t. That excitement is a game changer. It’s your biggest asset; your most valuable entity. Toss it into the universe and watch your dreams take flight. I’m proud of Jasmyne. I’m so proud of all of you who are in training right now, applying for airline jobs; been flying for 20 years or are 2 years into the life. We are a tribe of dreamers. A group of gypsies; in an adventure of change and growth and wonder. No matter what space of flying you find yourself in— hold onto wanderlust, kindness, and hope. Because, somewhere along the way— the unfortunate schedules, reserve, and terrible flights— you had a moment when you thought, “I can’t believe my job took me here.” Even when I feel it’s hell, I know there is a reason I stay. It becomes part of you and your everything.

greenland aerial shot

Because it’s your dream, for whatever reason. Never let me or anyone else tell you it’s not worth it. Never read a blog here and become discouraged about the adventure you are jumping into. Because it’s YOUR dream. Your dream— even if it happens to be boxed up by the same job and lifestyle as mine— it is still YOUR dream. I love that we can look like we live the same dream and be supporters to each other, but we are really living a life of our choosing. We can understand each other and that helps us get through the lonely times, but we can let each other reach beyond and to where we fit best.

Someone close to me recently said, “Give your dream a chance. That’s all it wants.” The no and not-yets mean little to that little girl or young boy who breathed, “That. That is what I have to do with my life.” That little girl and young boy are within you. They don’t judge, don’t understand failure, and are not afraid of what’s next. They know what’s now and they see only the dazzling smile and perfectly pressed uniform. Oh naivety and innocence! Let yourself find a little of that within your soul.

flight attendant job

I love you dreamers. I love that you want to fly so badly. I love that you want to live this life— the flight attendant one. I pursued this fascination of mine all over the beautiful wonderful world, and it has changed my life. Change is good. You inspire me. Thank you.

Pursue your fascinations; they may just change your life. 

Kara Mulder


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Vanessa Powell says July 15, 2016

Thank you!! I will get this job I’ve been dreaming of for 11 years. Namaste’

J says September 21, 2016

Hi Kara,

I am a hopeful 25 year old who dreams of working as a FA one day. I’ve constantly applied to airlines stationed in my city and I’m really starting to lose hope…
I’ve worked as a preschool teacher for 4 years and have done some office work and serving at a restaurant. After being rejected again and again, I am so discouraged because I feel like my experience is not good enough.
I’m currently considering continuing my studies into travel and tourism but do you think that would be beneficial?
Also, I love reading your blogs… you write from the heart!

Feeling hopeful,


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