The Beautiful Gay Flight Attendant

This post was initially started with the title being, “Why More Straight Men Should Be Flight Attendants.”  And then it turned into this.  That’s writing.  That’s life:)


If you walk on to an airplane, more often than not, you are hoping for hot flight attendants,  but more often than not, you are welcomed by…


Flight Attendant Dinosaur

And/or the most beautiful male specimens you have ever seen.

Hot Gay Flight Attendant

Uniform pressed to perfection.  Bleached white smile sparkling.  Hair not anywhere that it shouldn’t be.

This is the beautiful, gay flight attendant.

I quite enjoy working with these men, and God, they are beautiful!  I’ve had more crushes on gay coworkers than I can count, finally coming to the conclusion that the hottest men usually like men, at least in my industry.  On the sixteen hour days that I would work when based in Hawaii, I can’t even tell you how many conversations happened between the lady stews regarding our eye candy male counterparts, all ending in, “If only he was straight…” Sigh.

hot flight attendant

But, there are always positives to the negatives, and I have to say that it is wonderful working with men that will NEVER be interested in dating me, or doing me.  It really takes a lot of pressure away from a professional work environment.  I can ask how my hair looks, and receive an intelligent opinion.  I don’t have to put my eyeliner on correctly, because my colleague can correct that.  I hike my skirt up in the galley, to tug on the pantyhose that are sliding down, right in front of the Mr.  It doesn’t matter.  He’s not interested.  The boys turn into one of the girls, commenting on hot passengers, listening to life problems, and laughing over ridiculousness.  I find my male colleagues hilarious;  some with their drama, some with their sweetness, some with their intense personalities.  I know that without them, my workday would be lacking the shine; dull, and so much less interesting.

Flight Crew

Before becoming a flight attendant, my entire life was engulfed by people that thought the same as me.  That acted the same as me.  That grew up the same as me.  That believed the same as me.  Then I became a flight attendant.  Then I became a better person.  My ideologies, and ideals were challenged, questioned, and explored.  Snap judgments made in the past, regarding people, and cultures, and religions were revisited.  I discovered a deeper acceptance of myself, partly because of the people that I interacted with and how they were, and are, SO different than me.  In all of our differences, I am still accepted.  They didn’t, and don’t, put me into a box, label, and ship me away to an address where I look like I should belong.  

I'll take my suitcase and go

What matters more than what you choose to do in your personal life, is how your personal life influences those in the world around you.  Years teach, and you learn that no matter where you are, and regardless of what you believe-  Christian, Atheist, Straight, or Gay, that you are just as human, as the next man or woman, yearning for love, acceptance, and meaning.  You realize that can learn more from people that are different than you, than from those that are the same.  You learn the power of priceless acts that don’t cost you a thing.  A smile.  An open mind.  Respecting someone.

Stay Beautiful

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Megan says April 4, 2014

Everytime I read your new posts I get so happy! they’re so relatable

Mel S. says April 5, 2014

It would be nice if I could find a straight co-worker that had some personality traits (and looks) of a gay co-worker. Sometimes I wonder if it’s possible to find a decent straight guy that isn’t just looking for a “good time”.
One day I’ll find him..

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