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Dating And Flight Attendant Life

I have been postponing this post. It is one that has the potential to be highly entertaining, as well as self-incriminating… But mostly self-incriminating. A few posts ago, I gave my advice on dating

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Carnival In Venice

February is typically the month of Carnival, the festive celebration that takes place immediately before Lent.  Carnival happens in various forms all around the world, from the debauchery of New Orleans  Mardi

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Where To Travel Now: Why Guatemala Is A Must Visit

January 2011, I turned up in Guatemala. No, not because I was kidnapped (note: I never once felt unsafe there), but because I missed one flight, which made me miss another flight, and so the story goes… That

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The Flight Attendant Life Travels: A Week In Spain

“A Perfect Shot” Absent minded and attention scattered, I sat on my bed, computer in front of me, a cup of tea in my left hand, and reached for my camera with my right.  I thought that it

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The Magic Of Barcelona In January

I’m in Barcelona, a destination that I had only considered for a summer holiday, but thanks to the advice of a friend that “Barcelona is nice anytime of year,” I switched my sights from

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Goodbye Twenty-Five: The Flight Attendant Life Adds Another Year

I turned another year older a couple of days ago.  I liked twenty-five.  I liked it a lot. My favorite year so far, with so many adventures and interesting encounters that could have filled the space

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Escapades in Europe: “Taxi Cab Confessions”

Fairytales are those stories that seem nice, but don’t actually happen.  Only at Disneyland. Only in the movies.  Reality states that it’s just unlikely that all turns out right in the end. 

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Escapades in Europe: “Do You Have Wi-Fi?”

With oversized backpacks, Emily and I stepped off the bus.  The first welcome to a new city, new country, new location always, ALWAYS brings with it a sense of bewilderment, and this time was no different. 

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The Flight Attendant Life

I recently had a chance to watch the new show on ABC, Pan-Am, the drama series that begins in 1963, and follows the lives of pilots and stewardesses that fly for the iconic Pan American Airlines.  The

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