Artificial Brothers Copenhagen

The Nørrebro neighborhood in Copenhagen is filled with a smorgasbord of cool, including a young, hipster crowd, that effortlessly blends fashion, music, and bike culture, making Hollywood hipsters’ feeble attempt at cool look pathetic.  (It never sets a great tone when people can see that you are trying too hard).

Copenhagen Bike Culture

One of my favorite afternoons during my few days in Copenhagen was when I happened upon Artificial Brothers, a band that was playing in a small square on Jægersborggade,  a trendy street that’s dotted with shops, bars, and restaurants.

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Maybe it was because of the weather, or that the people standing on the street enjoyed a Carlsberg while they listened to the melodic, melancholy guitar rifts, but there was something magical about the scene.  I had no other place to be, no list of things to do, and knowing the series of changed-my-mind decisions that brought me to that place, added extra meaning to a seemly insignificant experience (Twelve hours earlier the plan was The Land Of Leprechauns.  Six hours prior, I almost left for The Baltics).


The Friday afternoon crowd

New discoveries and welcomed surprises.

 Just one more thing to like about Denmark

Artificial Brothers is releasing their debut album titled Make Our Hearts Sway and will be touring in Denmark and Germany this summer and fall, and I hope that they add Los Angeles to their list.  You can listen or like them on Facebook.

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Kim says May 27, 2012

Went by that friday, when they had their sound check, and it was pure magic! Nørrebro <3

Hilary says May 28, 2012

I wish I had been with you.

    Sergiu Andreca says May 28, 2012

    I wish that too. You would have just loved it!

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