AirBnB Experiences: Discover A Bee Apiary, Almond Farm, & Flying Escape (All-in-One)

I grew up on a farm in Central California. My parents, to this day, still live there. When my brother and I were younger, we didn’t know what TV or cement was, but we did know how to use a cotton trailer as a foam pit after harvest day, and jump off the roof of our two story OLD farmhouse into our above ground pool. Summers were spent walking barefoot to Grandma and Grandpa’s and winter rainy days meant muddy dogs and puddle jumping. I had this pony named Superman. I also had a chicken and rooster once. And a ferret. There must have been a few hamsters thrown in the mix at one point and my older brother probably had a snake. My mom dietitian never let us eat sugar or anything dairy, as we were raised Vegan; before that trend had even been heard of in LA, let alone in a predominately hispanic, low-income farming community. Pretty much— what I’m getting at is that— being raised by Mulder Dad & Mulder Mom on Mulder Farm was quite an interesting experience. And you know what is super rad? You can now experience a taste of farm and flying life— like I had growing up— for yourself.

My Dad, Tim, is a pilot-farmer-beekeeper; with the added career change/job title of ‘AirBnb Host.’ For those of you unfamiliar with AirBnb, it’s a service that allows travelers to book stays— rooms, shared spaces, or entire apartments— with a local host. Dad has turned the really nice 5th wheel trailer that they own, (the one I want to take on kite road trips to Mexico), into ‘The Jungle Room.’ It’s private and tucked away between the Orange and Grapefruit trees. When I go home to visit Mom and Dad now, I have to call ahead and reserve my own room— a bright teal space with hot pink accents. It definitely looks very “Kara,” but is so organized now that AirBnb has taken over (There is a positive side to everything. I’m telling you).

AirBnb Experiences Farm Beekeeper flight attendant

I think Dad was shocked at how popular The Pad has become. He is practically fully booked every single night. I’m not as surprised by this, as The Farm has always been a special place. It was always a respite when I was flying international and still is a place for me that feels safe and calm. There’s something about walking into the front door; and if Mom is home (as she’s a flight attendant and is gone quite a bit), she’ll throw her arms around me and say, “Daughter! Welcome home! I missed you!” Dad will be outside or in the office and walk over nonchalantly, kiss me on the forehead and say, “Sweet-Sweet! How’s my girl?!” I don’t really know of a more welcoming and loving atmosphere than The Farm, and that’s rare. That kind of feeling can’t be found, or replaced, by the biggest cities or the best adventures. Love, belonging, and security are precious and when guests arrive to my childhood home, they will feel that at The Farm.

Shafter, California isn’t a tourist destination, but I can tell you that ‘The Farm’ is worth a visit. Sometimes the best travel experiences are created by unique experiences and wonderful people. Between my crazy dog Maui, the fact that you will soon be able to book flights with me flying you as the pilot in our single engine plane; and that you can learn about the honey bees, roast marshmellows on the outdoor fire pit, and take walks around the field of Almond Trees, it’s worth an excursion.

Shafter California Farm Life Almond Trees AirBnb Experiences

Photo By: Bryan Mulder

The Logistics of Visiting The Farm.

  • If you are any of my crew friends who have LAX layovers, The Farm is a 2h18min drive from the airport…obviously that depends on traffic.
  • If you are my crew friends, you should just send me a text and tag-a-long when I take a trip up north. That will get you the ultimate crew discount. Until then, we are figuring out how to offer a normal crew discount or the ability to book through this website.
  • Check out the AirBnb Listing here to book your stay now.

I will continue to write blogs about AirBnb Farm as you will also be able to book a Farm & Flying experience soon. That will be where I will take you on a “Discovery Flight” in my Dad’s Cessna 150. How exciting is that? It means I’ll be getting my pilot’s license. Hope to see you soon! Also, use this code to receive travel credit for yourself for your next AirBnb stay.

Happy Travels!

Shafter California Beekeeper Airbnb Experiences

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