A Flight Attendant’s Birthday


This week was Emily’s birthday, and the Hawaii girls were determined to make it special.  I don’t think The Flight Attendant Life could be without Emily.  She’s been my constant sidekick for the past four years and counting.  We met at the flight attendant interview when I told her that she couldn’t sit in that chair, but she could sit next to me.  I was much more shy and timid at that time, and Emily, is the antithesis; a woman that speaks her mind.  We bonded over being the youngest in our training class, and as the years progressed, our friendship has deepened with adventures to Croatia, Greece, Istanbul, Oktoberfest, and more.  Too many to list.  We are continually recounting tales of our escapades.

Emily & Kara

Emily & I in Dubrovnik, Croatia




Oktoberfest Dirndls

When I didn’t have a place to live in Hawaii, it was her that took in the homeless, and gave me an extra key to her car.  Cliched as this sentence is, she is really always there when I need her, so when I landed in London two weeks ago, to a text from Dorie, saying, “Emily needs you.  Read your email.  Her boyfriend broke up with her,”  My heart sank.  I’m always away when significant life events happen.

The group of flight attendant friends had been in the process of planning a birthday tea party for Emily anyway, and after this bombshell, we determined to do whatever we could to make her birthday amazing.  We had to add a silver lining to an emotional two weeks.  Through the kindness and generosity of a manger at The Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach, and the girls getting decorations, cake, party hats, and all things birthday, we threw Emily an elegant tea party.  To see her happy, laughing, and having fun was all that all of us wanted.  We decided she should have a birthday every month.

Birthday Fun

Being a flight attendant has taught me a lot about friendships, the importance of them, and the value of a group of friends.  As a friend, I can’t be, or do everything for Emily that she needs, or any of my friends.  I’m not as wise or objective as Keri, and don’t have the creativity and hopefulness that Dorie naturally carries with her.  I can’t be The Mama like Lisa, with wise life experiences and warm hugs to share.  I personally can’t comprehend the depth of heartbreak that my best friend is experiencing, but what I can do is take her on adventures.  I can force her to jump in the middle of a group of uniformed sailors or plan her flights to Peru next month.  I don’t know how the next six months will play out, as for the first time, my partner in crime and I will be based on opposite sides of the country, but as someone once said, “true friendship isn’t about being inseparable, but being separated, and nothing changes.”  I’m sure we will be celebrating the next birthday, as well as many more together.

Flight Attendant Friends

Tea Party Dresses

Sailors in Uniform

Uniformed Hotness in Hawaii


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