A Flight Attendant Christmas

I’m skipping through Spotify Christmas Playlists, listening to Christmas music, or trying to.  Every two and half minutes, I changed the station.  I find Bieber’s poppy excitement annoying, and Michael Buble, it isn’t beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Not for this Flight Attendant Life.

I just found a playlist of Anti-Christmas Carols.  Perfect.

There is a cute little tree at my Florida condo, and I’ve been wearing my Christmas Bears, but I mostly want to forget it’s Christmas (and my birthday soon, but that’s a different issue).  Days of the week, and times of the year mean little when you are a flight attendant, and happen to be living a perpetual summer, from Hawaii and Florida.  I know it’s winter though.  I understand it’s Christmas.  Even in Florida.  I’m avoiding stores.  I really need to buy toothpaste, but, it’s Christmas.

Roommate Christmas

Adorable Roommate & Adorable Christmas Tree

The people in Plattsburgh, New York know it’s Christmas.  The wintery weather blindsided them the last few days.  I had to fly there, so I took a peek.  Last night, or this morning, I don’t know which.  Hours of the day mean little to flight attendant.  I rolled into bed at 3:06am, and my thought was that what a weird life I live when rolling in at 3am, is almost as normal as rolling out at 3am.  I do both on a weekly basis which might be why I don’t like partying late night.  Work gives me more than too many opportunities to come home at an hour when the bars close, and with all the delays, passengers give me enough of a party.

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Flight Attendant Holiday

Making an attempt at Holiday Spirit

Since I’ve started flying, I don’t ever expect to have holidays off.  It’s just how it goes in the airline world.  I now have a little say, but generally choose to work at the end of December, and have days off at the beginning of December.  This way, I am able to travel before everyone else does (side note:  I really dislike the holidays, because I always get bumped out of an airplane seat because there are just too many full-fare, revenue paying customers that are traveling, airlines oversell seats, and I’m left stuck.)  Last year, the first week of December had me wandering the streets of Chiang Mai, Thailand, drinking Thai Iced Teas, and shopping the night market.  In years past, I could be found in The Caribbean, cruising through the islands, in Costa Rica, watching some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen, snowboarding at Mt. Hood in Oregon, and there are more December adventures, I just can’t remember (Apparently years don’t mean much either when you are a flight attendant).  This year, I would count Turks & Caicos as my Christmas Trip.

Christmas in Turks and Caicos

The Gansevoort, Turks & Caicos

I miss Christmas in California.  I miss being based in Los Angeles more than I miss being based in Hawaii right now.  Being a California girl, I don’t need snow to make the atmosphere “Christmas.”  I think what I need is my Mom.  She makes it Christmas.  Her smile, bubbly excitement, and sweet hugs.  The smell of vegan food wafting through the house, and dad making a fire in the fire place.

Mom and Daughter Flight Attendant


Since I’m in Florida, and not California, I’m actually glad that I am working Christmas Day.  That’s a Flight Attendant Christmas.

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