7 Steps To Create An Adventurous Life

7 Steps To Create An Adventurous Life

Can I make an embarrassing confession?  Really, I know it’s not something I should feel embarrassed about, but with this little known fact, I am a bit quiet.  It’s private and personal and not who you see me to be now.  There is more to the story than I will mention here in this blog (for the rest, you will have to wait until my book is published), and you might be surprised with the following admittance.

Just under seven years ago, I was a 3.75 GPA College Diploma holder, living back home with Mom and Dad, taking anti-depressants because I was so sick, fighting with my loving and supportive father ALL of the time, hating my life; without hope, direction, or purpose.  One day, I  remember that I, with the College Degree as well as the additional label of Marketing Graduate of The Year, walking around the mall, and during that walk, applying for a job at Sees Candies.  I felt like I was suffocating in my life.  I felt like such a failure.

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I tell you this, not because I enjoy reflecting upon this time in my life, but because I have a point to prove to you, and my point is this:

My life wasn’t always a wonderful adventure. 

I wasn’t always hustling to reach my goals or giddy with excitement over realizing dreams.  I didn’t have dreams- not the ones full of rainbows and glitter.  My dreams were dark.  Really, really dark.  My life was a mess.  So far from anything adventurous.

Now, wouldn’t you say that things have changed?


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Through the blog, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook you experience the flight attendant life as this exciting storyAnd it is.  It even stuns me most days.  Some may think that I must be extra lucky, or extra special, or extra smart to be in the place that I am right now; living a life overflowing with so much opportunity.  I won’t fight you on the fact that I do have many good things in my life, but it’s not the case because I’m extra better than you.  We are the same you and I.  I do constantly feel lucky to be on the path that I am pursuing, but this road wasn’t handed to me, and won’t ever be served up without some effort on my part.  There is no such thing as a free lunch.

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Make the takes in life count

I have created much of the adventures that you see through simply wanting and going after that something.  I know that I will have to work at making my dreams happen.  I take an active part in the travel experiences that you bear witness to.  Being a flight attendant doesn’t mean that adventure is automatic.  I see many flight attendants who never travel and live quite normal (boring) lives.

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I can’t do boring

What adventure do you want to create in your life?  Who do you want to be?  Who do you want to love?  What do you want to accomplish?  You say, “Well I have this responsibility, I don’t have the money, I can’t because…”  Oh my god… me too!  Do you think that every day I wake up completely positive and hopeful about how the pieces of my world are going to fall into place?


I am often terrified of my dreams and completely uncertain.  But, I have decided to be a person who faces the uncertainty and a person who faces fears.  Also, I have been learning that one often has to take a leap of faith, trusting intuition and ‘going for it,’ before knowing the outcome.

Take the leap of faith

Let me prove my point once more:

For what I think is over four years (I can’t exactly remember), I have been writing this blog.  For over six years, I have filled my life with travel.  I have pushed my comfort zones.  I have shifted my paradigms.  I have dreamed and hoped and planned.  I have been disappointed, and I have been rewardedI have been alone, and then, I have also felt love.  All of these years have been building upon each other;  each a stepping stone to prepare for the next opportunity.

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And now, I am finally landing opportunities I have spent years working knowingly and unknownly to actualize.  In two weeks, I will be going to Portugal and Israel.  I am ecstatic In Israel, I will be partnering with TouristIsrael.com, abrahamtours.com as well as a few other companies to share the travel experience.   I along with Celessa, the ‘The Flight Attendant Life’ Destinations Editor, are beginning to be paid to do what we love due to years of working and learning and observing. All of this I get to do because of being in love with wanderlust, building baby blog, and through many rejections.  I have goosebumps right now because I can’t, and can believe it’s happening.

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You can have a life full of Goosebumps, pinch-yourself-moments, and excitedness as well.  I encourage you to try these 7 Steps To Create An Adventurous Life, steps that have helped me in my own adventure.

7 Steps To Create An Adventurous Life

  • Have a strong support system- Someone asked me once how I could just go away alone and be so unsettled.  I hadn’t thought on this, but the answer I came up with was that my ability to live in what is chaos at times is possible due to the amazing emotional support of my friends, very close friends, and even the community of ‘The Flight Attendant Life.’  (It’s true- I need you guys).

Dad and Daughter

  • Don’t quit your daydream- Everything that you hope for, everything that you want may seem so unattainable with where you are at today- JUST KEEP DREAMING.Don't quit Your
  • Keep pitching- Life will always handout rejections freely and often.  Don’t stop pitching; approaching that man or woman that you are interested, or that job opportunity that you hope for.  You are going to get many ‘No’s’ before Yeses.  Adventure is there waiting for you to push past disappointments.

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  • Chin-up Kiddo- It’s going to get ugly at moments on your way to meeting Mr. Adventure.  Hang on, you! This is when you have to focus on even the smallest things that you are thankful for, and keep that daydreaming alive.  This will keep you alive.
    Chin Up
  • Surround yourself- To be the best you and reach adventure, keep the best influences close and minimize the negative.  Surround yourself with people you admire.  Take in content that improves your character and knowledge. Life is short, so don’t waste your time amongst more negativity than necessary.Flight Attendant Best Friends
  • Jump all in- You got to want this.  You got to be 200 percent invested in achieving the adventure.  When you want adventure as bad as you want to breath, then you will find and have it.

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  • Accept The Moment- The space you are in right now might not be what you want it to be, but it is where you are.  You must accept that and find the good within that, and then you will be ready to attack your dreams, goals, and an adventurous life with the tenacity and passion that is required.To Do Cat Ba Island

This life that I get; the body that I was given, mind that I was granted, and personality that is uniquely me is a blessing, and I must see it as such.  It’s all I got, and it’s all you got, too.  So, make your life a good one.  Create the life you truly want. 



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Debbie Dietzel says January 14, 2015

I am so glad for your excitedness. This blog entry really made me smile!

a says January 16, 2015

Thank you Kara for posting this blog VERY inspirational. To me this one of the best posting I have ever read to date. Thanks for sharing insight into your personal story.

    Kara says March 30, 2015


John says February 28, 2015

As someone(anonymous of course) else in the industry we know and love, I can truly say your blog has kept me reading. I’ve just had a great night meeting new friends, learning about them and their experiences, and just looking into their eyes to find islands of connections in this sea we call home. Our aviation lives are hard. We look for comfort in places which would normally have warning signs around them, however, we aviators are not so choosy. We see trust and comfort in places others don’t dare to look. Yet when we find it, it feels natural, although a bit unnerving. But it’s comfortable. Sometimes too comfortable. Too easy to talk to. Too easy on the eye. Yet we can not look away. We can not ask another question, without falling slowly into the warm embrace of another’s interesting soul. And then, Another aviation night ends.

Anthony says September 15, 2015


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