10 Reasons Why Becoming A Flight Attendant Needs To Be Your New Year’s Resolution

1. It’s time for you to not just step, but FLY out of your comfort zone.- This year, you want to grow, pushing yourself beyond limits that you once believed held you.  Becoming a flight attendant will push you completely out of your comfort zone, whether that be because you now are in a completely new work environment, or you find yourself visiting a country where you do not speak the language or look like the majority of the locals.  Being a flight attendant is the perfect job for one to challenge personal paradigms and beliefs systems.  And really, living out of your comfort zone is where the magic happens.  Who doesn’t want to live a magical life?

Comfort-Zone Magic Outside

2. You have been saying that you want to see the world- Now is your chance! Become a flight attendant and get paid to travel.  It’s a good way to start visiting the places that most only daydream about.  When you are a flight attendant, you don’t quit your daydream, you live it!

Kailua, Hawaii Beautiful Islands Hiking


3. Doubting yourself is something you do all too often, and this year, that’s going to stop- Becoming a flight attendant helps you build confidence in your own abilities.  You become a more independent individual when you land in this career field. Part of your New Year’s resolve is to trust yourself- your intuition, your hopes, and your dreams.  Start this job, and quit that doubt.

Confident Flight Attendant

She’s a sassy stew that one

4. Stuck is not a place that you want to stay- You need something to shake you up and get you away from the habits, relationships, or an environment that drag you down.  Becoming a flight attendant can and will (if you let it) snap you out of feeling grounded (in the stuck sense of the word).

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 12.40.11 PM

“She is just some wild thing. Let her laugh, live, love, and roam free on her own, and she is sure to come back to you.” -Author Unknown.

5. You want to grow up, and yet, you aren’t ready to grow up yet- So this, my friend is why flight attendant life is PERFECT.  Work isn’t play, necessarily, but it often  feels like a little kids lifestyle, one where excitement, curiosity, and fascination swirl constantly in and out of your day-to-day.  In the same moment, you find yourself growing up because you have to.  You must because travel changes you.  You become more worldly and wise, and yet, you maintain that childlike naivety.  You may not understand until you live the flight attendant life, but when you do, you will know exactly what I mean.

What is a flight attendant's life like

6. Adventure awaits, and you are sick of sitting back and watching everyone else have theirs- You can have the adventures that you see others having now.  Become a flight attendant this year and you will!

new adventure flight attendant

7. You need and want to make new friends- Becoming a flight attendant is an automatic way to make new friends all over the world.  You want to expand your circle, and meet people that help to expand your thoughts, beliefs, and world view.  Do this job.  It will help in this quest.  

Oktoberfest Munich Travel Friends


Making friends at Oktoberfest in Munich

8. The regimented routine that is your current daily life is choking out your spirit.  The time is now to add spontaneity- You will have to let go of control.  You will need to embrace the predictably unpredictable world of flight attendant life.  This is what you need in 2015.

cabin crew uniform

9. You keep saying you want something ‘different’- This lifestyle will give you different.  You will struggle with it.  You will love it.  You will hate it.  You will be dizzy with jet lag and sick from exhaustion, but honey, every day is different.  You can have that.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

It’s so different from my typical- Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

10. It’s time to do something for you- You have been “responsible.”  You got a good job, dated the right guy, have a dog and a typical picket fence, but you did it more because you thought that’s what you were supposed to do, and you keep living this way because you think everyone else still expects this out of your life.  News Flash:  Most people are so caught up in there own self to even have the minute to think or care about what you are up to.  True Story.  So, why not stop living for the people that aren’t really thinking about you, and start living the life that you want?  Let go of all of those unrealistic expectations, walk away from the job that you don’t really like that much, from the things that hold you back, and if you want to try being a flight attendant, DO IT.  And do it now!  It’s never been a better time. 

Akker Brygge

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Rebecca Briceno says January 6, 2015

This blog post was so incredibly inspiring! I related to every single reason (no lie). I am currently in the process of interviewing for a couple different airlines and I could not be more excited. I stayed up one night and read every post on your blog…I couldn’t get enough! I love how honest you are about the highs and lows of the FA life. It has definitely given me a greater understanding of what it all entails… And becoming a flight attendant is still my New Years resolution! 🙂

Paulo Silva says January 14, 2015

I really want to work as a Flight Attendant and this website is showing me incredible things!
Thank you 🙂
Your website just got a fan!!

Zoe says January 15, 2015

I start training this February for a large mainline carrier and this just made me even more excited for what this year holds.

Dane says April 9, 2015

Nice share.. a useful information!

Hannah Louise says August 16, 2016

Upsets me alot this… all i’ve ever dreamed of is becoming a flight attendent, worked so hard throughout school and college and got some unreal grades. Had my heart set on this job role since i can remember. And i cant apply?! Why???? Because i’m not tall enough… By 1.5 inches? Absolutely broke me. All the hard work over the years… for nothing.

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